FKFX Audio KrishnaSynth Legacy v1.75 Full version

FKFX Audio KrishnaSynth Legacy v1.75 Full version

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Originally released in 2007, KrishnaSynth makes its comeback as one of the most versatile and musical synth. This powerful instrument is loaded with over 1000 great acoustic, electric, and synth sounds, and equipped with original synthesis features, giving you the ability to create any sound you can imagine!

Its Frame Synthesis technology lets you can import, build and modify textures from sampled instruments and synth waveforms, creating almost any kind of texture using its unique Frame Oscillator and its comprehensible set of DSP functions and effects.

Go higher on pads, this synth sounds different, richer, more surprising. Old but unique.

Frame Analysis Technology will let you import any type of sound, from violin to electric guitar or from speech to drum loop, and re-create a logical animation of the successive waveform.

F.A.T. Oscillator,LFO Speeder, Frame effects, drag & drop assignation, visual feedbacks on all modulations, fast access to all sync types, up and down portamento ratio, true legato with note order remembering, etc… some of these features are still unique today.

Pick any audio and drop it on the synth, a new texture will be computed, ready to be played. Unlike modern FFT analysis, F.A.T will use waveforms to create he oscillator, resulting its specific sounding.

Krishnasynth allows all kind of LFO assignation, the speed on LFO B can be controlled by LFO A, always in the right order. LFO speeder is a simple and efficient macro allowing all kind of expression over time.

Many presets are uniques, and can sound a bit too crazy, even the soft ones. But it doesn’t matter.
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  1. ChaosGuy747
    ChaosGuy747 Member 11 February 2023 04:03
    I really have to try this  sunglasses
  2. Hamer
    Hamer Member 3 March 2023 03:16
    ,wonderful vst vsti to viltual dj
  3. Nightstone5
    Nightstone5 Member 23 March 2023 05:16
    Sweet! Thank you!



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