Spitfire Audio Alternative Solo Strings v1.0.3 KONTAKT Library

Spitfire Audio Alternative Solo Strings v1.0.3 KONTAKT Library

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Innovative solo strings from four of London’s finest players

We’ve captured the performances of four of the most interesting and progressive string soloists in London to give you an accessible tool for detailed composition work. Featuring Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass, it features spirited longs and shorts, as well as a series of more unconventional articulations. Alternative Solo Strings offers you an instant, out-of-the-box collaborative experience, steeped in character.

The chosen musicians represent some of the most exciting and in-demand players on the London orchestral session circuit. From performances in Oscar-winning movies, to collaborations with the biggest recording artists in the world, there are few major British recordings in existence that haven’t featured these players in

Recorded at Spitfire Audio's high-spec in-house recording studio using the finest equipment, Alternative Solo Strings is the perfect accompaniment to our hugely popular London Contemporary Orchestra Strings, recorded in the same location. While the unpredictable recordings may lead you into unexpected territory, the sonics of our dry stage provide you with ultimate control, whether that be an upfront Warren Ellis style approach, a Hans Zimmer style overdub on top of a large orchestral bed, or a virtuoso performance within the section of a chamber work.

 Spitfire Audio Alternative Solo Strings


  • Bass
  • Cello
  • Viola
  • Violin


  • The overview panel
  • General controls panel
  • The ostinatum
Comments (9)
  1. Oifrenchfry
    Oifrenchfry Member 11 January 2023 15:55
    4download With the Heat 1nce Again Ladies and Gentlemen 
  2. Firazwali
    Firazwali Member 11 January 2023 16:39
    Please sir request to make clarity vx from waves, thanks
  3. przvl
    przvl Member 12 January 2023 11:37
    PACIFIC – ENSEMBLE STRINGS Perfomance Sample PLs
  4. djmsong
    djmsong Member 14 January 2023 19:36
    Please help us to upload FL studio 21 🙏🙏🙏
  5. multimediajulian
    multimediajulian Member 14 January 2023 20:15
    Can somebody tell me how to install Kontakt libraries? I've got Kontakt 7 and Kontakt 5.8. I've tried to import them using Kontakt 5.8 and hoping that they will appear in Kontakt 7 but they don't, and if I try to play them in Kontakt 5.8 it says "Your version of Kontakt is too old for this instrumen"

    Please help :(
    1. 108Dragon
      108Dragon Member 27 January 2023 03:47
      I use Konktakt 5.6, though Solo Strings should register with (R2R) Kontakt 7 without using 5.8 at all.

      Anyway...you should be able to click the 5.8 'Find Library' button, and Solo Strings gets installed into 5.8 browser.

      -CLOSE 5.8 after Solo Strings loads into the interface...then open/use in Koktakt 7.

      *Never try to open/use Alternitive Solo Strings in 5.8, or any library not made for 5.8 or lower because incompatible player. 5.8 is the shortcut/workaround for finding/registering libraries only.

      Once you open Kontakt 7...Solo Strings should be on the left side of the interface ready to go.

      Or...find the NKI file in your library 'Instruments' folder, and drag the NKI file into Kontakt 7.

      Or...try to find Kontakt 5.5-5.6, which is what is usually recommended.

      The Solo Strings library does install/work normally, so no worries about that.

      Good Luck!
  6. Boredin
    Boredin Member 3 March 2023 23:46
    Links are down

    1. morningporridge
      morningporridge Member 27 March 2023 22:27
      usersdrive links are working
  7. Jimblez
    Jimblez Member 18 April 2023 21:28
    If you guys are all having trouble installing this library as with others.. Download the Kontakt 7.1.5 from HERE!! 

    I have installed everything ive come across on 4download and installed it onto that version of kontakt without a single hitch...If you are having trouble,,,, remove the kontakt you have and re install. THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM for it not working..

    installation aside, the pack sounds insane



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