Submission Audio Umansky Bass KONTAKT Library

Submission Audio Umansky Bass KONTAKT Library

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After debuting on stage with Intervals five years ago, Jacob Umansky has become a colossal force in the world of modern bass. His unique technical approach, composition and distinctive tone has made him a household name in the progressive metal genre. Following his graduation from the Berklee College of Music, Jacob has worked with artists such as Aaron Marshall (Intervals), JIA, Joshua Dela Victoria, Joseph Anidjar, The Omnific, Aviations, Auras, Nick Johnston, The Faceless and many more. Endorsed by Sheldon Dingwall, sampled by Jacob and powered by our industry-leading truBass technology, UmanskyBass is the most advanced heavy, progressive virtual bass instrument in existence.

 The ultimate progressive instrument
The Z3X is the top-shelf, custom shop Dingwall bass - representing the pinnacle of the Dingwall sound. This genre-defining instrument has been perfectly captured by Jacob himself - ready to unleash its tonal power on your music.

Whether finger picking, truLegato, truSlides, slap or even esoteric techniques such as double thumping - Jacob spared no effort in capturing every nuance of his playing style. Packing all of our latest technologies, UmanskyBass is the ultimate Dingwall virtual instrument.

  • 44.1kHz – 24 Bit
  • 24.3GB Compressed NCW Format
  • Programmed for Kontakt 6.6.1 and up
  • First Violins & Second Violins
  • Violas, Celli & Basses
  • 1 orchestral string section
  • 16 Violins I (9+7) – 12 Violins II (7+5)
  • 10 Violas (6+4) – 10 Celli (6+4)
  • 8 Basses (5+3)
  • 4 recorded microphone positions
  • Close – Decca tree – Wide – Balcony (Far)
  • …and a pre-mixed Tutti version
Comments (7)
  1. Marko58
    Marko58 Guests 4 April 2022 17:01
    I can't get the latest kontakt libraries to work! either they are DEMOs or some samples are missing. Maybe I'm wrong or something is bad luck ... Anyway, always thanks for what you give us.
    1. 日本語できる初心者だぞ!!!w
      Try using the patcher
      1. Marko58
        Marko58 Guests 14 April 2022 15:49
        Honestly ... I don't know what it is!
        1. 日本語できる初心者だぞ!!!w
          Since you mentioned the libraries being in demo mode, I think you need to use the Kontakt Patcher. I wasn't planning on downloading this but I did and I got the library working using the patcher. I have made a tutorial on how to use the patcher previously on the Kontakt Download Page but it got updated so the tutorial is gone but here is it anyway.

          The Kontakt Patcher (
          ) is used to add plugins, create nicnt for libraries which don't have it already, etc.
          There are only 2 buttons in the patcher that matter and that is the "add library" button and the "create nicnt".
          To add a library, click "add library" and choose the library's folder.
          If it says "no libraries found", then it probably means that it doesn't have a nicnt file already so to create a nicnt file, click "create nicnt" and put the information needed.
          ex. Company Name, Library Name, etc. (to find the 3 digit code you need to enter, just use brute force, which means doing something repeatedly in hopes of finding the thing that you're looking for)
  2. Krak3n54N
    Krak3n54N Member 19 April 2022 21:52
    I can't add lybrary to kontakt player on mac
    is there a way todo?
    1. JerryFR
      JerryFR Member 16 June 2022 22:16
      you must find the kontakt patches
  3. gergoretvari19
    gergoretvari19 Member 14 January 2023 21:27
    Is this still working?

    description says it should be around 24 GB but when i downloaded it it's only 3.



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