Neutron 4 Advanced v4.5.0

Neutron 4 Advanced v4.5.0

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With Neutron 4, iZotope has introduced machine learning into the mixing game. The brand touts the new Mix Assistant, exclusive to Advanced, as the first-ever plug-in that listens to your project and communicates with each track in the mix. The purpose of this analytical listening is to help you find a starting balance, which will form the foundation of your mix. The plug-in even lets you select which tracks you want to be the focus of your mix and is made to work with instrumentals and vocal-centred music.

The new Sculptor plug-in, available in both Standard and Advanced versions, is designed to sweeten the sound of your instrument tracks. iZotope likens its function to a “per-band army of compressors and EQs” dedicated to shaping your track. Sculptor uses machine learning and custom DSP to craft a “custom preset” for each track. It also arms you with 25 different instrument profiles that can transform each instrument into a “new version of itself”, according to the brand.


Mix smarter and faster with iZotope’s Neutron 4, your complete suite for crafting a professional mix. Sculpt sounds seamlessly while staying in your flow.

 Meet your new mixing suite

Neutron 4 comes with 8 plug-ins including a mothership and 7 component modules. Use the component plug-ins individually or combine them in the mothership to sculpt your sound. Plus, you'll get Visual Mixer, Relay and Tonal Balance Control 2 plug-ins to assist your mixing process.

  • New! Unmask Module
  • Exciter Module (New! Trash Mode)
  • Compressor Module (New! Punch Mode)
  • Gate Module
  • Improved! Sculptor Module
  • Transient Shaper Module
  • Equalizer Module
  • Visual Mixer Plug-in
  • Plus! Relay and Tonal Balance Control 2 Plug-ins
 What's New in Neutron 4?
  • Assistant View: Neutron’s beloved Mix Assistant is now modernized into the new Assistant View, your intelligent control center that produces fast, personalized results.
  • Make Space: The new Unmask Module discovers and fixes masking issues for you, enabling you to reach new levels of clarity. Make space between two competing tracks, balancing your bass and kick or allowing vocals to shine over your mix.
  • Distort Responsibly. Or Not: A slice of iZotope fan favorite, Trash, is now in Neutron 4. Distort and destroy sound with Trash Mode and dial in specific extremes with the Tone Slider and Tame button. Explore the boundaries of weird and wild.
  • Punch it up: Make an impact using the new Punch Mode to control and visualize how hard your sounds hit. Add more thump, punch or snap to breathe life into vocals, percussion, bass, and more.
 Why Neutron 4?
  • Work faster and smarter: The Assistant View kicks things off right by suggesting a target level and allowing you to customize your starting point.
  • Stay in your flow: Neutron makes mixing a part of your flow. Make sweeping improvements with new Intent Controls and find clarity with ease using the new Unmask Module.
  • Get creative: Crush and destroy sound with the new Trash Mode and make an impact with Punch Mode, exploring the boundaries of your creative mixing. 
Comments (6)
  1. remoteplay
    remoteplay Member 15 April 2023 08:56
    How do you input terminal sudo commands? stuck on this part
  2. Gepetto
    Gepetto Member 12 May 2023 08:54
    Hello and thanks!
    There is no Relay in this install, it makes using neutron only half good..
  3. jamakan
    jamakan Member 17 September 2023 00:16

    MacOs Monterey, M1 mac: The plugins still remain in demo even after replacing with the k'd and inputing the terminal sudo commands.

    1. softwearswell
      softwearswell Member 24 September 2023 06:07
      Same issue here.
      I did some digging into this and here's what I found.

      You'll notice the final command 'codesign' is followed by a few options "force", "deep", "sign" and finally a dash "-". The dash is usually where a developer signature goes.
      When you run this on the Intel Macs, there are no problems.
      but of course, Mac friggin loves being proprietary AF so this new M1 poses the issue that you cannot codesign unless you have a developer certificate.

      Mac's site on the developer tools mentions this:
      "Gatekeeper on macOS helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software by checking for a Developer ID certificate from apps distributed outside the Mac App Store"

      It's a safety precaution -_-

      same webpage says, "You can generate your Developer ID certificate in Xcode or in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of your developer account. Please note that you must be the Account Holder of your development team in the Apple Developer Program in order to generate this cerificate."
      Apple mispelled "certificate". Love it.

      So there are definitely hoops to jump through for Mac M1 users.
      One option is to download Xcode, set up a developer account, and be on your merry way.
      Another option would be to transfer a .p12 file (the certificate file) from another machine into your Keychain Access. But I don't know how to get one of those without having Xcode somewhere.

      Admins have any ideas for workarounds? or suggestions for getting a safe .p12 from somewhere without having to register for the developer account yourself?
      1. Taoi
        Taoi Member 25 September 2023 18:26
        Thank you! I've been going crazy about this. I've tried all sorts of approaches with no results. Now I at least know that there's no way I could fix this. As I'm new to Mac, this is simply out of my reach...
      2. jamakan
        jamakan Member 29 September 2023 16:28
        Thank you, I thought I was missing something in the instructions. I've realized that the latest Izotope M1 installations have been like this.



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