Albion ONE v1.7 KONTAKT Library

Albion ONE v1.7 KONTAKT Library

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Albion ONE is a renowned, industry-standard orchestral sample library that provides all you need to make film music. This title comprises a 109-piece orchestra, accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, recorded at the world-famous Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios in London. Plus, there are warpable loops designed by award-winning engineers and an enormous steam synthesiser.

Albion ONE contains high dynamics and energy while being versatile across multiple genres. Choose from four microphone positions and a high range of articulations including our esteemed legatos, for extra control. Equally suited to first-timers and established composers alike, this industry-standard product is the perfect place to start and go as deep as you want.

In order to create a great film scoring tool, you need to go where the best film scores are recorded. London’s AIR Studios was founded by Sir George Martin, the legendary producer often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle”. AIR’s Lyndhurst Hall has been the first choice of Hollywood directors for years, and countless blockbuster scores have been recorded there (Lord Of The Rings, Interstellar, Justice League, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean - the list goes on). The Albion ONE orchestra was recorded by award-winning engineers using world-class equipment: priceless ribbon and valve microphones through Neve Montserrat preamps, the largest 88R Neve console in the world and onto pristine 2” tape, before being converted with top-of-their-class Prism AD converters at 96k. No expense was spared to capture this Collection in exactly the same way as is done for film.


In the latest edition of this flagship product, updated to celebrate Spitfire Audio’s landmark 10th anniversary year, the initial Albion “legacy” product has been expanded and re-recorded to go beyond:

  • New user interface design and NKS-ready integration
  • Orchestral: 15 new combination patches, combining different techniques and instrument groups in exciting ways
  • Percussion: additional Easter Island hits plus incredible new mixes by Jake Jackson
  • Stephenson’s Steam Synth: 63 new sounds and 67 presets, all created by Spitfire Audio co-founder Christian Henson
  • Brunel Loops: 78 new recordings across 8th, 16th and 12th rhythmic patterns, plus 90 new presets, including 51 made by Christian Henson
Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.
Comments (15)
  1. Magdy Farag
    Magdy Farag Member 25 August 2022 15:42
    Thank you so much for this awesome Library
    1. dwx
      dwx Member 3 November 2022 05:03
      Hi Ive downloaded it how do i load it into kontakt?

  2. Antero
    Antero Guests 26 August 2022 03:41
    Can you PLEAAASE give a new link for the download tutorial. it's too complicated. And the folders were corrupted
    1. 4download
      4download Administrators 29 August 2022 07:03
      Please try alternative link
  3. Diecalmes
    Diecalmes Member 29 August 2022 06:14
    Link don't work  sob 
    1. 4download
      4download Administrators 29 August 2022 07:03
      Please try alternative link
      1. Luke
        Luke Member 29 August 2022 10:44
        Please Admin upload Forbidden Planet by EW
  4. Fyre
    Fyre Member 27 November 2022 17:45
    Thank you for your crazy services 4download. Could you upload the Hans zimmer Percussion by Spitfire Audio ? Is it on your list ?
  5. mesmerize_75
    mesmerize_75 Member 18 January 2023 02:49
    Thanks for the library. However, it shows DEMO when opened in Kontakt Player 7. It should be preactivated as stated in the info, but it seems that this isn't the case. Any help please ?
  6. muzicmad
    muzicmad Member 15 February 2023 12:46
    All links are dead. pls update
    1. morningporridge
      morningporridge Member 27 March 2023 22:46
      not all of them
  7. Mad4Muzic
    Mad4Muzic Member 23 February 2023 21:02
    Link of Part 4 is not working!
  8. Boredin
    Boredin Member 28 February 2023 02:50
    link got taken down
    1. morningporridge
      morningporridge Member 29 March 2023 20:33
      i dont understand these comments. one of them is literally working. usersdrive or what ever its called.
  9. Brebich
    Brebich Member 6 April 2023 00:57

    thank you for this library but all links don't work :
    - google links all expired
    - same for media fire
    - user drive only part1 to part6 work 

    Can u remove links please?




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